Mr. Clean Premium Reusable Wipes

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Our Mr. Clean wipes are machine washable and reusable. They are super absorbent and lint free, able to clean up big messes easily with a quick wipe. Quit wasting paper towels and be nicer to our environment by switching to reusable wipes--they save you money in the long run. These wipes will also resist odor so they won't linger on the material and they're strong enough to use again and again. Great for any cleaning task around the house, you'll find them handy in the kitchen, bathroom, the garage, even for big jobs like cleaning your car. Trust all your cleaning projects to Mr. Clean!

Great for use all around the house!
Clean big messes quicker with high absorbent wipes!
Use reusable wipes instead of paper towels!
Odor resistant!
Machine washable!

Machine washable