Wring Clean Cotton Mop

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The Mr. Clean Wring Clean Cotton Cone Mop is a combination of cone mop technology and the household favorite traditional cotton mop. The exclusive wringer system doesn't tangle, while it neatly wrings the mop, keeping hands clean and dry. This mop cleans efficiently, and the cotton head is super-absorbent, making cleaning a breeze. It has a durable steel pole that won't crack or splinter. The mop head is easy to remove and is machine washable, so it's ready for the next cleaning. Replacement mop heads are available when needed, making the map as good as new.

  • wrings easily with no twisting needed
  • keeps hands clean and dry
  • super absorbent and durable cotton
  • easy change refill
  • durable steel pole
Wipe down pole with damp cloth.