Microfiber Twist Mop With Magic Eraser Scrubber

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The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Microfiber Super Twist Mop makes mopping a breeze. The microfiber head is absorbent, to hold soap and water for efficient cleaning, and it easily picks up dirt and grime. The integrated scrubber pad makes short work of scuff marks and sticky spills, so the floor will be sparkling clean with less effort. The mop has a rachet handle that wrings the mop while keeping hands clean and dry. The mop head is easily removable and is machine washable so it's perfectly clean and ready for his next use. Replacement mop heads are available, when needed.

  • The Mr. Clean microfiber twist mop with magic eraser scrubber has all the benefits of a great mop plus the convenience of a scrubber pad for those really ugly messes
  • The absorbent Microfiber head makes for super clean floors
  • Ratchet handle keeps hands dry and makes wringing a snap
  • Magic eraser pad Handles tough scuffs
  • Mop head refills are available, Mr. Clean refill model #4282